We hope that this website will show how important urban nature reserves such as Kinson Common are to nature conservation and the well being of the greater community.

With increasing pressure on wildlife,it is vital that these fragile areas are protected for future generations to enjoy.  


Kinson Common is surrounded by urban development with South Kinson Drive to the south, Kinson Primary School to the north, Poole Lane to the west, Kinson Road and Glenmeadows Drive to the east.


Numerous access points to the site can be found in all these roads.
Site details:
Size: 16.43 hectares
Grid Ref: SZ 067960


Majority Local Nature Reserve, all Public Open Space.
The heathland areas are Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Special Areas of Conservation , Special Protection Areas and Ramsar sites. (Ramsar sites are wetland of international importance)
( Turbary & Kinson Commons are listed as one site for the SSSI Citation).

The barrows are listed at County level but are not Scheduled Ancient Monuments.


Please note that most of the information and photos have been donated by former members of the Friends of Kinson Common

Kinson Common has a lot to offer!